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Hire expert freelancers to scale your data science capabilities.

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On Worksuite, you will find pre-screened candidates to scale your Data Science team. This includes Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers and Data Architects.

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We have developed a digital screening process to assure quality that saves you time and money.

We assess on the following topics.

Study Background

>85% of registered freelancers have a Master degree in Econometrics, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, ICT in Business or BioTechnology.

Programming Technologies

This screening differs from Big Data Technologies as Spark & Hadoop to Deep Learning toolings as TensorFlow, or common used programming toolings as Python, SQL, Scala and Pandas.


We screen freelancers on specific techniques, such as machine learning applications (classification, (un)supervised learning, regression techniques).

Business acumen

A freelancer is screened on domain knowledge, such as different industries (finance, health, banking, risk, government), their communication skills and their ability to understand the pipeline of the project.

Work Experience

We do a background check in work experience and study certification.


We intent to screen candidates who might not have enough experience, but have the potential to become a great data scientist.

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Data Scientist
Quantative Analytics, Machine Learning, Monte Carlo Simulations.
Data Scientist
Machine Learning, Price Prediction, Customer Analytics
Data Scientist
Personalized Recommendations, Education Tech, Customer Analytics.
Data Scientist
Predictive Analyses, Machine Learning Applications, Data Engineering.

Why companies choose to work with us.

Pre-screened candidates

We screen every candidate and work with an assessment when a client asks.

No extra fee's

The freelancer decides the hourly rate. We ask no extra recruitment fee's.

Save time

Get directly access to a database with screened candidates.

Free support

Your Talent Manager will help you through the hiring process and give you guidance before, during and after the project.

100% transparancy

We are 100% transparant about the candidates, margins and hourly rates.

Awesome project page

We generate an awesome project page so that you can show your project in the best way to candidates.

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